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Hosted by Mekayla Eppers,
Founder & CEO at Reign Pageantry.

Combining her 25+ years in the modeling and entertainment industry, Mekayla shares her passion for pageantry through the eyes of a coach. She has invited some of the industry leaders for an intimate sit-down conversation so you can learn right from the pageant pros!

What is this workshop?


Jan. 26th & 27th

Hotel: TBD

Carmel, Indiana


Friday, January 26th-

Photoshoot Slots:

Slot 1- 6pm

Slot 2- 7pm

Slot 3- 8pm

Slot 4- 9pm

Saturday, January 26th-

Photoshoot Slots:

Slot 5- 6am

Slot 6- 7am

Slot 7- 8am

Slot 8- 9am

Slot 9- 10am

Slot 10- 11pm

Walking Workshop- 1:00pm - 3:00pm

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