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Let's face it, this sport isn't cheap. Competing requires a long list of wardrobe, services, and shopping lists on top of entry fees, travel expenses, and more.


How do you pay for it all? Well, unless you plan on going into debt or invisiting your life savings (please don't) you have to have a plan in place to find sponsors!


In this E-book you'll learn:

-how to apporach potential sponsors

-who to target

-how to write a professional sponsorship letter

-how to set a competition budget

-much more!


This guide will help you gain a clear vision of what is required to compete at your next competition, how much it could potentially cost, and how to raise anywhere from $100s to $1000s! How do we know? Because it's tried and true by Coach Mekayla and other clients, too.

Sponsorship Guide

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Total Pages: 15

    File Format: PDF

    Pg 1: Cover

    Pg 2: Welcome letter

    Pg 3-4: Step 1- Platform Building

    Pg 5: Step 2- Benefits

    Pg 6: Step 3- SOI

    Pg 7-8: Step 4- Mindset Switch

    Pg 9: Step 5- Research

    Pg 10-13: Step 6- Magic Number

    Pg 14: Packing List

    Pg 15: Sponsorship Tracker

  • All sales are final. Due to the nature of the sale, no refunds or exchanges will be provided. All rights reserved to Reign Pageantry and Mekayla Eppers.

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